Please find below a list of selected presentations & speaking engagements, books, training materials, articles, software packages, SDKs, and White Papers that I have written or contributed to in some fashion. I have also listed relevant awards and honors. For the majority of my open source projects and contributions, please visit my github account.


Successful Transition to HTML5 – September 1, 2015 – Participated as an author and presenter in a joint webinar presentation as a PointRoll/Cofactor employee, with members of IAB, Yahoo and BrightRoll on the topic of transitioning Flash development to HTML5 for the advertising industry. I covered sections on video, animation, interactivity and third party JavaScript libraries. Full video from presentation available and Additional details in the IAB archive.

PointRoll Innovation Roadshow – Summer 2014 – multiple locations – Participated as a developer and presenter as a PointRoll employee in my role in R&D/Innovation. Presented on multiple advanced topics and innovations in the online advertising space. I demonstrated integrating the following technologies into online advertising: Unity 3D and Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Web Sockets, Wearables, Bluetooth and Beacons, WebSockets, NodeJS, SocketIO, Facial Recognition, Face Detection, Emotion Detection and other technologies. In addition to Pennsylvania, we visited multiple cities across the country: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and multiple creative agencies such as Razorfish, Wieden + Kennedy and more. Our tour was covered by the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age and other prominent publications..

Philly Merge – July 15, 2011 – Presentation on automation and creation of customized workflows with Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe AIR for desktop and mobile development. Also served as an advisory board member to the organizers of this conference.

Philadelphia Adobe Photoshop User Group – The Truth About Flash December 1, 2011 – A Presentation on the recent news, changes and events related to Flash

Mobile Madness: Developing for iOS and Android May 26, 2011 – Presentation on Flash and AIR for mobile game and app development.

Mobile App Development Demystified February 23, 2010 – Flash CS5 iPhone Packager Information, Leveraging Open Source for Obective-C and iPhone User Interface Framework.

Flash Camp Philly 2009 – Successfully organized, secured sponsorships/funding and executed the Philadelphia Flash Camp 2009 event – This event featured 25 recognized industry expert speakers (including Robert), and over 300 attendees, local and international – a resounding success.

JuntoFree Beer & Open Source July 24th, 2008 – A panel discussion on the merits/similarities between Open Source software development and home beer brewing movement as a metaphor or a manifestation of the process.

Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group: March 27th, 2007 – Adobe CS3 Launch Event

Adobe MAX 2006 – MAXUP – October 22-26, 2006Flash – Communicating with Robotics and Electronics

Make:Philly Third Meeting – September 10, 2006 – Make Your Own Robots: Integrating and Controlling Popular Electronics and Robotics Kits with Adobe Flash

Macromedia MAX 2005 – October 16-19, 2005 – Flash on Every ScreenFlash on Every Screen Extra Resources Here

Philadelphia Flash MMUG – March 16, 2005 – Introduction to Flash Lite 1.1 & Introduction to Teleo

FlashForward 2004 New York – July 7, 2004 – Ask the Experts Session: Interfacing Flash with the Real World

Philadelphia Flash MMUG – December 2, 2003 – Current Events, Questions Answered, Introduction to Central

Art Institute of Philadelphia Multimedia Day – Industry Speaker – June 7, 2003 – Exploring Your Skills in the Multimedia Industry

Philadelphia Flash MMUG – August 24, 2002 – Flash MX Communications Server – Remote Collaboration Demonstration

FlashForward 2001 New York – July 13, 2001 – Dynamic Text-to-Speech with Macromedia Generator – Ideas to Realities: Threads to Objects


IFBIN – Flash by Example Role: Contributing author/developer


Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Killer Tips

ISBN: 0735713839

Publisher: New Riders

Role: I was a technical editor for this book. Tasks included fact checking, confirmation of accuracy and verification that each of the tips worked as written.

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ActionScript 2.0 Dictionary

ISBN: 0321228413

Publisher: Peachpit/Macromedia Press

Role: I was an article reviewer and technical editor for several chapters in this title. Tasks incuded fact checking, confirmation of accuracy and verification of usability.

Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 for Server Geeks

ISBN: 0735713820

Publisher: New Riders

Role: I provided critical feedback on initial and revised book proposals for publisher.

Flash MX Bible

ISBN: 0764536567

Publisher: Wiley

Role: I contributed a chapter on the basics of working with Pocket PC’s and Flash.

Flash Enabled: Flash Design and Development for Devices

ISBN: 0735711771

Publisher: New Riders

Role: I contributed an appendix covering tips, tricks and caveats for working with Flash and touch-screens. Also included information about touch-screen technology in general and a list of touch-screen manufacturers.

Flash MX Magic

ISBN: 0735711607

Publisher: New Riders

Role: I contributed chapter 14, creating a MySQL database driven poll with PHP and Flash utilizing new features of Flash MX. (If you have this book make sure to check the errata page for updates – some CD’s that shipped in the original printing run had the wrong content or were missing content)



Adobe Creative Suite 3 Video Workshop DVD – 2007 – (More info here)

Role: I contributed three training/overview videos to this DVD produced by and Adobe for the launch of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 line of products. This DVD is included with all indiviudal CS3 products and the accompanying bundled suites of applications. The three videos I contributed are: An Introduction to Adobe Device Central, Working with Adobe Device Central and Photoshop CS3, and Working with Adobe Device Central and Flash CS3.

Macromedia Flash MX Certified Developer Exam

Role: I contributed questions and subject matter for the exam, reviewed content from fellow contributors, as well as provided testimonials and marketing blurbs for promotion of the Macromedia Certified Developer program.



Flash MX and Security – March 2002

Role: I contributed some technical material to this paper, on the topic of utilizing MD5 hashes with Flash for security when validating passwords.


SDKs and CDKs:   

Macromedia Flash 4 Pocket PC Developers Kit

Role: I contributed an example and source materials for an on screen keyboard input alternative to the native SIP found on Pocket PC devices. (The Pocket PC CDK is no longer available – but this example is available directly from me upon request)



Philly Creative Guide – Guest Columnist – A Personal Experience with Philly-Based User Groups – February 2006

Macromedia DevNet – Connecting Macromedia Flash and PHP – December 2003

InformIT – The Tip of the Flash MX Iceberg – July 2002

Macromedia EDGE – Macromedia Flash on ATMs – July 2001



Horizon Interactive Bronze Award Mobile Apps – 2007 for “Build a Bird” iOS/Android Educational app for children. Role: Mobile App Developer

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Site Of The Day Award – March 28, 2006

Awarded for Marcolina Design, Inc. promotional/portfolio site – Role: Flash/ActionScript Programming/Development

Art Directors’ Club of Philadelphia Annual Juried Awards – June 2005

  • Gold Award – Icarus Digital – (Logo/Identity Category) – Role: Production
  • Silver Award – Pinwheel Logo – (Logo/Identity Category) – Role: Production
  • Silver Award – On-Site Interactive – (Interactive CD-ROM & Kiosks Category) – Role: Development/Programming

2005 Judges: John Brady – President of Brady Communications, Scott Linnen of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami; Karen Brown of Brown & Ryan, New York; Anthony Rutka of Rutka Weadock Design, Baltimore

2005 Graphic Design: USA / Excellence in Communication & Design

  • Talisman Interactive CD-R / Interactive – Role: Development/Programming
  • Talisman Interactive CD-R / Self Promotional – Role: Development/Programming
  • Pinwheel / Logo Identity – Role: Production
  • Icarus Digital / Logo Identity – Role: Production

Art Directors’ Club of Philadelphia Annual Juried Awards – August 2004

  • Gold Award – Fairmount Waterworks Interpretive Center Kiosks (Kiosk Category) – Role: Programming, Hardware Integration

2004 Judges: Judd Harner – Senior Partner / Managing Director of Ogilvy & Mather; Sarah O’Maguga – Founder of Metropia Marketing; Kevin O’Neill – President / Chief Creative Officer of Warwick Baker O’Neill

FlashForward 2004 Film Festival – San Francisco

Finalist – Technical Merit Category –

2003 Graphic Design: USA / Excellence in Communication & Design

  • African American Museum of Philadelphia / Web site – Role: Programming

FlashForward 2001 Film Festival – San Francisco

Winner eCommerce Category: (Full site no longer online – demo available here)

Dot.Pixel.Image International Computer Art Exhibit – 1993

Jury Silver Award: Mixed Media Painting and Digital Photography Collage

Work Title: “A photostrobic capture of the elusive facial vortexing found in subjects after inducing serotonin suppression”

Also exhibited: Mixed Media Painting and Digital Photography Collage

Work Title: “Premonition of an OptiFast diet gone awry, delivered via insertion of hypodermic needle directly into optic nerve”

Special Note:

The Dot.Pixel.Image event was the first large-scale exhibition of digital art in South Florida. Curated by the Director of the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art and the Creative Director of Interview Magazine, the exhibition featured the work of over 100 artists from across the country. It was held at Fort Lauderdale’s Museum of Discovery and Science. The exhibition, which featured speakers, demonstrations, an animation film festival and hands-on participation stations, ran for five months and was viewed by over 250,000 people.

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