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CLIENT: Annodyne
DATE: March 2012
ROLE: Development
TECHNOLOGIES: ActionScript 3, Flash, AIR, HD Video Encoding, Kiosk Configuration, Hardware Setup
DESCRIPTION: When Annodyne moved into their new brand new headquarters in Blue Bell, PA they wanted a high impact entrance and lobby area. I was brought in to develop a custom kiosk application to power an 80 inch LCD screen for the lobby. The application allows the inhouse team to add, edit or adjust their custom video reel content (along side video work they find inspiring), background audio and other settings. Real time curation of the content can be handled remotely and new videos and audio can be dropped in at any time. Given that it is the first thing visitors to Annodyne’s office see, 24/7/365 uptime was imperative. In addition to custom video playback classes designed to eliminate glitches and hiccups during playback of HD 1920×1080 video with animated overlays and additional video, caused by typical ActionScript 3 garbage collection, custom monitoring software was also put in place to allow for additional monitoring, statistics, uptime reporting and management. A custom made, easy to use drag and drop installer for both Mac and PC platforms was specially built for Annodyne’s IT staff to allow for rapid re-installation, and testing of content and playback on multiple machines.

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