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CLIENT: Bluecadet and BASE Entertainment
DATE: April-May 2013
ROLE: Development
TECHNOLOGIES: Flash, ActionScript 3, AIR, Asset Production, Audio Production, Kiosk Configuration, Hardware Setup, Touchscreen, SQLLite, PHP
DESCRIPTION: The Spy Quiz is an interactive touchscreen kiosk featured within the traveling exhibit, Spy: The Secret World of Espionage by BASE Entertainment. The application allows visitors old and young alike, to be quizzed in a game like fashion on all the content they viewed and explored in the other areas of the exhibit. Users are scored based on their response time, correct answers, levels completed and overall knowledge. They are given a ranking and allowed to see how they compared against all other users. They are also allowed to select a mentor, and even decode an encrypted portion of the exhibit with materials they can send to themselves, along with their ranking and score. Integration into social media like Twitter, and Facebook complete the application. Totally configureable down to the media used on each screen, the questions, answers and other items allow the kiosk to be completely customized for each location the exhibit visits.

With a super tight timeline to launch the kiosk for the opening day of the exhibit, the entire application was prototyped and developed in less than 3 weeks. Bluecadet provided all the artwork and art direction, while all development, motion design, animation and execution of the application itself was done by Feasible Impossibilities.

View In Person (Through October 2013) at: Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute
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Build A Bird Mobile App

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CLIENT: I-Site Interactuve and Iridescent
DATE: June 2011
ROLE: Development, Architecture and Asset Production
TECHNOLOGIES: ActionScript 3, Flash, AIR, Flash Builder, iOS, Android, Mobile Development
DESCRIPTION: Mobile educational application for children. Brought in by my friends at I-Site Interactive to lead the core development effort, I developed all the underlying code and overall functionality in Adobe AIR 2.7 for both iOS and Android versions of the application. Initially targeted iOS 4.x, with support for both standard and retina displays, and Android 2.3+. The educational game features videos, sounds, touch interactivity, and tilt/gyroscope sensors for “flying” mode. Apple featured the app shortly after its launch, leading to over 50,000 downloads it’s first week available. Build A Bird was also the recipient of Bronze Horizon Interactive award in the education category. Now being maintained by Iridescent in house staff.

BONUS: Find the Easter Egg and let me know.

Download for iOS – Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/build-a-bird/id448759126?mt=8
Download for Android – Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.org.iridescentlearning.buildabird&hl=en
Download for Android – Amazon App Store: https://www.amazon.com/Iridescent-Build-A-Bird/dp/B0056CVCB8
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