Jplayer RTMP Support

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DATE: August 2011
ROLE: Development
TECHNOLOGIES: ActionScript 3, Flash, AIR, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
DESCRIPTION: Added support for Adobe’s RTMP protocol for audio and video to the very popular Jplayer audio/video JavaScript/Flash library. Initially added as a custom feature for – later refined and contributed back to the core of Jplayer. Jplayer is in use by over 430,000 sites around the web as of 2015 including Pandora, BBC, Al Jazeera, WYNC, etc. The RTMP features are in use by my clients and and many others.

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Jplayer Site: Jplayer
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Telvue CloudCast

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CLIENT: Telvue
DATE: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
ROLE: Architecture and Development
TECHNOLOGY: Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, OSMF, JWPlayer
DESCRIPTION: Development of multiple generations of Telvue’s PEG Player and CloudCast video delivery systems. Initial version 1.0 from 2007 leveraged a customized early release of JWPlayer 3 and integration with Telvue’s CMS and Akamai CDN for video delivery. Successive iterations of version 2.x in 2008 and 2009 featured additional playlist enhancements and JavaScript API for additional embed features. Version 3.0 in 2011 and 2012, featured an entirely redesigned system with a custom modified version of Adobes OSMF Video Framework and SMP video player, a custom HTML5 video playback system that also targeted iOS an Android devices, Apple AirPlay support and featured HLS and live streams, fully user configureable skin support for HTML and Flash elements, along with and advanced tabbed playlist layouts and embed features. Support for multiple media types from H.264 to RTMP, MP3 and multiple bit rates, closed captioning and advanced Akamai analytics. All tied in and driven by Telvues advanced Connect CMS system. Version 3 served as the foundation for a refactor by Telvue in September of 2012 to leverage JWPlayer version 5.x as the core video player for Flash and HTML5 and a further streamlined suporting JavaScript framework to deliver all user configuration data via JSON.
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Custom Product Configurator

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CLIENT: SumoHeavy and TYR
DATE: June 2012
ROLE: Development, Architecture and Asset Production
TECHNOLOGY: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, jQuery, PHP, Magento, Amazon S3 Services
DESCRIPTION: Custom web application targeting desktop and mobile (iOS/Android) devices to allow users to fully customize and purchase swimming goggles. Every piece of the goggle set can be customized, from strap color to lens color, multiple viewing angles, and even offers the ability to add and preview custom laser etched engraving to the lens, with a real time profanity filter. All content is entirely dynamic, based on available product inventory and ties directly into TYR’s Magento based e-commerce shopping cart system. Currently used for Goggles, but designed to be used for any multi-layered product with multiple variations and configuration options (In fact the codebase was hi-jacked for at least one other site so far for a custom bike configurator). Targets modern HTML5 capable browsers with support for canvas, SVG, etc. with no Flash plugin required, but also includes fallback support for older browsers, and as an additional backup, even supports Google Chrome Frame if installed, and if not, provides a custom Google Chrome Frame install experience for users running Internet Explorer 6-8 that opt-in to use it for a better experience.
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