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CLIENT: Bluecadet and BASE Entertainment
DATE: April-May 2013
ROLE: Development
TECHNOLOGIES: Flash, ActionScript 3, AIR, Asset Production, Audio Production, Kiosk Configuration, Hardware Setup, Touchscreen, SQLLite, PHP
DESCRIPTION: The Spy Quiz is an interactive touchscreen kiosk featured within the traveling exhibit, Spy: The Secret World of Espionage by BASE Entertainment. The application allows visitors old and young alike, to be quizzed in a game like fashion on all the content they viewed and explored in the other areas of the exhibit. Users are scored based on their response time, correct answers, levels completed and overall knowledge. They are given a ranking and allowed to see how they compared against all other users. They are also allowed to select a mentor, and even decode an encrypted portion of the exhibit with materials they can send to themselves, along with their ranking and score. Integration into social media like Twitter, and Facebook complete the application. Totally configureable down to the media used on each screen, the questions, answers and other items allow the kiosk to be completely customized for each location the exhibit visits.

With a super tight timeline to launch the kiosk for the opening day of the exhibit, the entire application was prototyped and developed in less than 3 weeks. Bluecadet provided all the artwork and art direction, while all development, motion design, animation and execution of the application itself was done by Feasible Impossibilities.

View In Person (Through October 2013) at: Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute
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Annodyne Lobby Kiosk

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CLIENT: Annodyne
DATE: March 2012
ROLE: Development
TECHNOLOGIES: ActionScript 3, Flash, AIR, HD Video Encoding, Kiosk Configuration, Hardware Setup
DESCRIPTION: When Annodyne moved into their new brand new headquarters in Blue Bell, PA they wanted a high impact entrance and lobby area. I was brought in to develop a custom kiosk application to power an 80 inch LCD screen for the lobby. The application allows the inhouse team to add, edit or adjust their custom video reel content (along side video work they find inspiring), background audio and other settings. Real time curation of the content can be handled remotely and new videos and audio can be dropped in at any time. Given that it is the first thing visitors to Annodyne’s office see, 24/7/365 uptime was imperative. In addition to custom video playback classes designed to eliminate glitches and hiccups during playback of HD 1920×1080 video with animated overlays and additional video, caused by typical ActionScript 3 garbage collection, custom monitoring software was also put in place to allow for additional monitoring, statistics, uptime reporting and management. A custom made, easy to use drag and drop installer for both Mac and PC platforms was specially built for Annodyne’s IT staff to allow for rapid re-installation, and testing of content and playback on multiple machines.

View In Person at: Annodyne
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Custom Product Configurator

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CLIENT: SumoHeavy and TYR
DATE: June 2012
ROLE: Development, Architecture and Asset Production
TECHNOLOGY: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, jQuery, PHP, Magento, Amazon S3 Services
DESCRIPTION: Custom web application targeting desktop and mobile (iOS/Android) devices to allow users to fully customize and purchase swimming goggles. Every piece of the goggle set can be customized, from strap color to lens color, multiple viewing angles, and even offers the ability to add and preview custom laser etched engraving to the lens, with a real time profanity filter. All content is entirely dynamic, based on available product inventory and ties directly into TYR’s Magento based e-commerce shopping cart system. Currently used for Goggles, but designed to be used for any multi-layered product with multiple variations and configuration options (In fact the codebase was hi-jacked for at least one other site so far for a custom bike configurator). Targets modern HTML5 capable browsers with support for canvas, SVG, etc. with no Flash plugin required, but also includes fallback support for older browsers, and as an additional backup, even supports Google Chrome Frame if installed, and if not, provides a custom Google Chrome Frame install experience for users running Internet Explorer 6-8 that opt-in to use it for a better experience.
LIVE URL: https://www.tyr.com/shop/custom/
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