A condensed biography updated on 11.18.2015 is available here. You can also reference my LinkedIn profile for my most up to date professional experience.

The version below is a longer read, but it hasn’t been updated since 06.16.2008 (I’ve been busy!) and doesn’t account for my many independent projects or my role in R&D at PointRoll / Cofactor / Sizmek or Scala and Stratacache yet during the past 13 years, but please feel free to read for at least some of my previous background.

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I am based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. I am a father of two incredible children and have an amazing supporting wife. I have been immersed in technology since 1982 and professionally involved with design, technology and software development as a career since 1992. From 1992-1997, I was involved in the multimedia, prepress and short-run color industry, with experience spanning the gamut all the way from cutting rubilith and traditional darkroom techniques, to direct-to-press digital printing systems, and the burgeoning World Wide Web.

In 1997 I began doing freelance work full time. One of my larger contracts was with CitiCorp in their global training and emerging markets division where I fully shifted my focus towards web and network related technologies to supplant the need for print materials and to enhance training materials and programs. In 1998 I was introduced to Macromedia Flash version 3.0, and began using it for some for e-learning materials. I found it satisfied my needs for left and right brain stimulation, and haven’t looked back since, dedicating much of my professional career towards its use in many projects. I have watched it evolve over the years from its early beginnings as purely an animation tool, into the current iteration which is an incredibly powerful tool for creating complex applications or RIAs (Rich Internet Applications). I have found many uses and ways to deploy Flash as a solution for a variety of projects, and I love to push it in new directions with each new release.

Highlights from the past 15 years working with Flash and other technologies include: developing generation ATM machine user interfaces and software, self-service coin-counters, specialty kiosks, text-to-speech solutions, mobile devices, museum exhibits, audio/video delivery, millimeter-wave radar-based body scanners, web sites, mobile apps (web/iOS/Android/Palm/PocketPC) and web banking applications.

From 1998-2003, I spent the majority of my time working primarily with financial institutions and financial service providers, in various roles such as pure IT, web applications development, Palm & PocketPC applications, and network security. In 2000 I moved to Philadelphia, PA and later that year took on a large role helping a startup financial services company (mCom Financial Services), get off the ground. I was the Chief Software Architect for the company, developing prototypes and fully functional versions of their entire core product line. Much of the work during this time involved web sites, applications and kiosks for clients such as Fujitsu, CitiBank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Commerce Bancorp, USABancShares, NovaSavingsBank, and others.

From September of 2003 until October 2005, I worked at a small firm, Talisman Interactive, where I was a Principal and Director of Technology. My focus was on utilizing a variety of technologies to create interactive exhibits and kiosks for experiential destinations, such as museums, interpretive centers and other venues. I also dedicated a portion of my time to physical computing and research and development in human-computer interaction and the growing field of mobile devices and mobile applications leading up to the iPhone and the explosion of the field for smartphone and mobile “apps”.

Since going solo in 2005, I’ve focused on similar types of projects as an independent contractor and consultant and have enjoyed seeing the rapid advancements of technology in all areas. I’ve also rode the growing wave of native and web based apps and ramped up extensively on my HTML5/CSS/JavaScript and mobile device development skills the past few years. I’m available for your next project – simply use my contact form to introduce yourself. More information about my specialties are below.

I have contributed to six books on the topic of Macromedia Adobe Flash design & development, along with a range of other projects. I delivered presentations at Macromedia MAX 2005 and Adobe MAX 2006, and I have been a presenter at FlashForward New York in 2001 and 2004. Since October of 2003, I have been the manager of the local Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group, and frequently present at the meetings. I’m also an official Adobe Community Professional (Previously Adobe Community Expert and Team Macromedia) as well as an official Adobe Solution Partner for Flash and Adobe Media Server projects in Philadelphia.

About the name: Feasible Impossibilities

The name Feasible Impossibilities came from my love for irony and oxymorons and to me conveys the idea that nothing is impossible, which is how I like to look at life. Some of the brightest minds on earth have all had famous quotes involving “the impossible”. In the words of Arthur C. Clarke, “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible” and according to M.C. Escher, “Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” I hold the same beliefs to be true, so this is something I have been using for my freelance and contract work since the early 1990’s. In 1995 I registered impossibilities.com to coincide with the name. This website has evolved quite a bit over time. Initially this site was just my experimental playground, and over the last few years has turned into a blog covering technology related news, events, and info as well as entries about my own personal projects and life. It’s bound to continue to evolve over time. At some point I’ll even update my portfolio of work and client list.

Contract Work
I specialize in interactive software projects that revolve around desktop, web and mobile using JavaScript and other technologies including the Macromedia Adobe Flash Platform and AIR where I bring a top tier of expertise in several specific areas: audio/video streaming of on demand and live content via Adobe Media Server and other technologies which includes extensive experience in collaborating with all the major CDNs and cloud services. I also provide a level of expertise in kiosks and interactive exhibits that require integration with external peripherals, joysticks, touch-screens (including multitouch) magnetic stripe and barcode readers, proximity detectors and other types of environmental sensors. My capabilities include everything from drafting designs for user interface, hardware and software architecture, to acquiring and integrating the hardware and cabinetry. I also like to work on mobile device projects for Apple iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices. If you have a project that you are considering please get in touch with me. I also have a large network of friends and fellow developers that I can call upon for other specialties and to augment my capabilities. I entertain all offers for contract and freelance work. Please use my contact form to get in touch with me.

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