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UPDATED: April 16, 2007
See the update below for more information, but the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Video Workshop is now available online!

In all the excitement of the CS3 launch event yesterday (March 27th), there was a bit of info that I didn’t see covered anywhere. From what I understand, all copies of the individual point products and the various bundle suites will include a special DVD. This DVD is the “Adobe Video Workshop“. It’s a pretty unique set of training and overview videos covering the gamut of CS3 products as presented by various members of the designer and developer community. There are also many member’s of the Adobe staff that have contributed to the contents. I am pretty excited about this myself, as I was fortunate enough to be asked to contribute three videos to the project:

This was the first time I had worked on recording a product training video; it turned out to be a challenging and fun project to work on. The individuals I worked with at and Adobe were extremely helpful in getting things done and putting the polish on the final product. I just saw the final versions of the videos I did back in December for the first time today, and I’m really quite pleased with how they turned out. The editing that the staff did is just tremendous. I haven’t seen the entire range of videos, but from what I understand the full version has a great interface and player mechanism to highlight the biographies and info about each of the video authors and allow you to navigate around through the various products and videos. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy to see it in its entirety. I’ll see if its possible for me to post a small snippet of the intro from one of my videos here. Otherwise, make sure to check it out when you get your various CS3 products when they start shipping. All of the videos should end up online, when I know for sure, and where that may be, (or if Im just imagining things) I’ll update this entry (updated – see below).

In the meantime, there are plenty of great videos online for CS3 products already at, including some fantastic videos about Apollo that Mike Chambers put together, and they are FREE! I also found out that there are several big CS3 packages coming soon from

  • Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training
  • Flash CS3 Essential Training
  • Illustrator CS3 Essential Training
  • InDesign CS3 Essential Training
  • Fireworks CS3 Essential Training
  • Photoshop CS3 One-on-One

From what I understand there are even more in the pipeline.

I want to give a special thanks to Tanya Staples of, Jen deHaan, Carol Linburn, Tim Wohlberg , Kathy Charneco, Sonja Brix, Fabian Padge, and Bill Perry of for the opportunity and assistance in working on the videos. Thanks guys!

One other quick-tip for any aspiring video-training authors – do yourself a favor and pick up a USB noise-cancelling headset. I can’t recommend highly enough the Plantronics .Audio 550 headset it drowns out all background noise including whirring hard drives and other ambient noise you might find around your computer.

The Adobe Creative Suite 3 Video Workshop is now live and available online! Jump directly to it here: or read more about it here:

It launched earlier today with over 200 videos. Tons of great content. You can find the three videos I contributed in the Device Central CS3 section or jump directly to them from the following links:

If you are considering purchasing any of the new Adobe CS3 products it should be really helpful. I highly recommend at least a quick look through the topics, products and new features the videos cover.


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