Apple iPhone Announced – Does Not Appear to Support Flash – Yet…

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I’m watching notes from Steve Jobs Macworld keynote right now via Engadget’s live coverage and the iPhone looks really amazing. He was just showing Safari and browsing the New York Times site right on the iPhone. That’s when I noticed something that disappointed me a bit – it doesn’t appear that the iPhone supports Flash content in the browser (at least not yet, and I could be wrong) but look at this image. I’ve highlighted the area in question. The image on the left shows a photo of Jobs browsing the New York Times in Safari on the iPhone. The one on the right is an image I just snapped of the New York Times site. In red I have circled the area where there are two Flash based widgets for MP3 and Video on the site and the area with a broken plugin image on the iPhone version….ughh! Well, nothing is official yet and Im sure support for Flash could be added in. Regardless, I’m ordering one the minute they are available. Looks like it won’t be available until June.

UPDATE: 01/14/07
Wow lots of comments on this post! Jobs and Apple really know how to whip up the hype machine! David Pogue Mac Guy Extraordinaire and writer for the New York Times posted up his Ultimate iPhone FAQs List, Part 2. In it he relays the conversation that he and John Markoff had with Steve Jobs during some hands on time with the iPhone. From reading it, and a couple other recent quotes where Jobs seems to purport highly hypothetical situations and respond to questions with answers filled with FUD and seemingly uninformed responses. See for yourself in the FAQ David put together in regards to Flash/JAVA and YouTube, to quote from it:

Markoff: “What about all those plugins that live within Safari now, like Flash or like Java or like JavaScript?”


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