Flash – Communicating with Robotics and Electronics – My Session At MAXUP

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I plan on doing a condensed version of my Make Your Own Robots: Integrating and Controlling Popular Electronic and Robotics Kits with Adobe Flash at MAXUP during Adobe MAX 2006 next month. Based on a lot of feedback and questions I’ve gotten recently on this topic, there are a lot of developers out there aren’t aware of the great kits/solutions for connecting your Flash applications to external peripherals and electronics. So I’m going to give a rundown on all the systems I’ve worked with, and the pros/cons of each. I’m really gearing this at getting people pointed in the right direction and exposing them to what is readily available and where to get started. The sessions are short, and I could do several hours on this topic, and have no idea when my time-slot will be, so if you don’t catch my MAXUP session or simply want to know more, make sure to keep an eye out for me and introduce yourself if you want more info. I’ll try to make myself available in the community pit for questions as a representative of the Philadelphia Flash Platform Group and my recent induction into the Adobe Community Experts.

If you don’t know what MAXUP is, it is a BarCamp-style community track hosted by Ted Patrick and Mike Potter of Adobe. Ted has a great Breeze Acrobat Connect Presentation that gives a great overview of MAXUP. By the way if your going to MAX, make sure you check out Ben Watsons “We Demo You Going to MAX” contest, you might just win an iRiver device.


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