IFBIN 2.0 – Now Free and BSD Licensed Open Source

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IFBIN 2.0Big changes today for IFBIN. It is now FREE for anyone who wants to use the service and grab all the great examples. If you were ever unsure before, now is a perfect time to check things out.

Some highlights of the changes:

  1. All code is free to download and use for any purpose.
  2. All code is licensed under a BSD License.
  3. IFBIN will add support for example publishing within IFBIN 2.0.
  4. IFBIN 2.0 will be a free service.
  5. IFBIN 2.0 will revolve around an Apollo application
  6. IFBIN will broaden its scope to encompass other Adobe Products

Ted Patrick, who recently joined Adobe as a Flex Evangelist has posted more info about the news, and future plans for IFBIN.

It has been a pleasure working with Ted and the rest of the amazing contributors on this project, and I’m looking forward to the next iteration of IFBIN taking shape over time. On my links page I’ve put together some convenient direct links to the other original IFBIN contributors individual websites.


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