Final Version of Flash Player 9 and Flex 2 Released – Resource Site Launched

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Just a bit ago this evening Adobe released that latest version of the Flash Player – Version 9. This release incorporates support for AS3 (ActionScript 3) and the Flex 2 Framework. The new player actually incorporates two Virtual Machines, one for content prior to Flash 9, and one specifically for Flash 9 AS3 based content. To quote some material from on Flash Player 9: “The new virtual machine is significantly faster, supports full runtime error reporting, and industry-standard debugging. It includes binary socket support, allowing developers to extend the player to work with any binary protocol. Flash Player 9 also contains AVM1, which executes legacy ActionScript for backward-compatibility with existing content.”
Flash Player 9 is now the default version served up from Adobe for new installs and upgrades. Based on this release, the release of Flex 2 is imminent as well (Update Flex 2 has been released see update 2 below). Lots of news to hit about this shortly. More info from about Flash Player 9 – which will probably migrate to the main site shortly with updated information.

This release is really significant as the level of performance, features, functionality, and light file-size, will help cement it in place as the de-facto runtime for RIA web applications, and soon, desktop applications with the forthcoming Apollo runtime. The Flash Platform is looking to be more and more of a solid choice for development with each new release.

Ted Patrick, new hire at Adobe as a Flex Evangelist has more and his thoughts as well here. There is bound to be a flurry of additional posts about this release on the aggregators and other places by tomorrow morning. I’ll update other relevant links and info I find useful in this post.

UPDATE: Flex 2 Released and FLEX.ORG resource site launched.
A great new resource was launched by Adobe this evening to coincide with the release of Flex 2, to quote the Flex 2 team, “ is a starting point for developers working with Adobe Flex Builder 2, Flex Data Services 2, and the Flex 2 SDK. Here you will find links to technical and support resources from both Adobe and the developer community. We are working to evolve this site over time and we welcome suggestions at anytime.” Go ahead and check it out – a fantastic resource for Flex 2.

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