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I’m really pleased to announce that a Flash based site I worked on recently with my friends at Marcolina Design, Inc. has been awarded the Macromedia Adobe Site Of The Day for today – March 28, 2006. The Marcolina site was a really fun project to work on. I had worked with Dan Marcolina and his excellent team on a few other projects prior to this, but this one was special because it really highlights all of his studios amazing design and video work, including their incredible After Effects work. It was also fun to get to work with so much video content in Flash and to work with Brandon Troutman on turning the designs into a functioning Flash application. My role was Flash and ActionScript development to create the underlying framework and functionality for the site to deliver all the wonderful content that Dan has put together for clients over the years. We were able to take advantage of a lot of the new features in Flash 8: we used the new FLVplayback component and its advanced skinning capabilities extensively, as well as the XPath API for parsing all the XML configuration data for all the extensive content the site utilizes, the new blend modes were indispensable for implementing the designs that were originally comped in Photoshop. The butterflies in the “Field Recognition” section of the site was a fun piece of the project that took advantage of a couple new Flash 8 features as well. The site also utilizes the new Express Install feature to allow quick and easy upgrades to Flash 8. Overall it was a real pleasure to work on this project with Dan and his team.

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Make:Philly has launched a new site with resources and info for local members. They have also set a date/location/time for the next meeting: Sunday April 2, 7PM at the UACA in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Make:Philly was inspired by O’Reillys Make Magazine and the spirit of “Makers” everywhere. More information from the first innaugural meeting can be found here. Props to Harris Romanoff and David Thorsrud for organizing everything and getting this ball of the ground. I’m sure the next meeting is going to be great, check it out if your interested – great bunch of folks involved so far!

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I’m pleased to announce that the fantastic in house web development team over at the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been awarded the prestigious Adobe site of the Day Award for their brand new overhaul of their site. I’m especially pleased as my good friend Bill Ristine, webmaster for the museum, led the development effort with his team of Christian Lohr and Jaime Bramble along with help from the various museum department content managers. This is the second time in the last year that Bill and his team have been awarded Site of the Day, previously they were awarded Site of the Day for the Salvador Dali microsite they created for the smash hit exhibit last year at the museum of Dalis work. The new site has some great examples on how to incorporate Flash based video, location maps, etc. into HTML content to enhance the experience and content of the site not only for ease of navigation but for increased functionality. The search functionality, floor plan mapping, and the entire HTML design with extensive use of CSS make the site so much more useable and provides backend central management with granular priviledge rights. It’s deep, clean, intuitive and just plain amazing for the amount of content the museum has – way to go Bill and Christian!

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