MAX 2005 Session Materials Going Up This Weekend

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I’ve had several folks email me asking about my breezo recording, extra resources, materials, etc., that I had promised to post here upon my return. It was my luck to come down with a terrible cold when I returned to Philadelphia, which turned into laryngitis early last week and I totally lost my voice. Been really under the weather since, but my voice is finally starting to come back and I sound somewhat human again, so I’ll be recording my Breeze preso tomorrow and submitting it ASAP. It will be posted in the MAX 2005 attendee resources section of Macromedias site. I also plan to post up all the additional URL’s resources, files, etc. to my personal site beginning Friday. Apologize for the delay – hang in there just a few more days – promise it will be worth it! For those of you who have written me directly – I’ll be dropping each of you a note when its all live. Thanks for your support!

UPDATE: 11/04/05 – 6:40PM EST
I’m in the middle of uploading things now so everything will go live sometime later tonight. My Breeze presentation is chugging away in background, using the Breeze Powerpoint Plug-In to add about an hour and a half of audio voiceovers to my presentation to try and approximate the live in person experience. I had never used the Powerpoint plug-in before and wasn’t aware at how slow the audio encoding would take on my underpowered PC (all my Mac’s are pretty speedy, but my junker 600MHz P3 PC with only 128MB RAM isn’t quite up to the task of encoding 800MB’s of .WAV data to my 16MB of Flash/Powerpoint presentation material – yes I need a new PC) so far its taken about 3 hours to import the Audio, it took only seconds to encode the entire thing on my Powerbook. Unbeilevable how slow it is on my crappy PC, curious what the experience is like on an up to date PC system. I wish their was a Macintosh counterpart to the Breeze Powerpoint-Plugin – Breeze Team engineers: get on this! I am really liking Breeze more and more as I have been using it a lot more lately, but we need parity on the Macintosh for presenter tools. OK, I’ll post another update to this entry when everything is up.

UPDATE: 11/07/05 – 10:00PM EST
The good majority of the extra resources are now live – yay! I have a few more videos and demos to post, and some extras I am going to be putting up, but the great majority of things are now available. My presentationin Breeze format is also ready, its on Macromedias staging server, just waiting for them to push it live. Once theyve pushed it live, it will be found here. Note: username/password required as this is a Macromedia MAX 2005 attendee resource area. If you are a manager for an official Macromedia User Group Manager or a conference event coordinator and would like to have this presentation shown to your User Group or conference but did not attend Macromedia MAX 2005, contact me to make special arrangements for a Breeze presentation and Q&A session for your group or conference.

UPDATE: 11/08/05 – 1:45PM EST
The Breeze version of my presentation is now live on Macromedias server in the Attendee Resources > Presentation Library > Mobile and Devices Area. There is also a link in that area back to my Flash on Every Screen Additional Resources which is also live.


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