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It looks like 8.0r22 is the release version of Macromedia Flash Player 8 that made it out the door. I am very pleased that as of this evening, it is now the default version on Macromedias site. I am predicting that with the new Express Install feature and various sites getting updated detection scripts in place, along with developers pushing out Flash 8 based content, that this release will be adopted much quicker than previous releases of the player. It appears that the rest of the Studio 8 and Flash 8 will be officially launched tomorrow – if you havent yet ordered your copy, show your support for this site by ordering Flash 8 via this link.

UPDATE: 09/12/05 11PM EST
Macromedia Flash 8 Professional and Macromedia Studio 8 are now shipping! 30 day Trial versions of Macromedia Flash 8 Professional and the other Studio 8 products are now available for download here.

Macromedia Flash 8 LiveDocs are also now available online.

Finally the Macromedia Flash DevNet Center has been updated with some great tutorials, including some by Guy Watson, Grant Skinner, Chafic Kazoun, Jen deHaan, Dan Carr, Chris Georgenes, Deneb Meketa and Robert Hoekman, Jr.

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I’m happy to announce that I’ll be presenting in October at Macromedia MAX 2005 – which I am very excited about. My session is titled, “Flash on Every Screen” and falls within the Mobile and Devices track. I’ll be demonstrating and talking about some unique projects where Flash was used in places other than on websites and desktop deployments. I’ll dive into a bit of code here and there as well as tallk about tips and techniques that I have picked up and developed over time. Its a 60 minute session and is geared at exposing everyone to some of the possibilities and opportunities out there that Flash provides in areas beyond the desktop. I’ll have a couple unique devices to show off as well. Of course, I’ll also dig into how Flash 8 can enhance your projects. I’ll be giving my presentation once a day each day of MAX (Oct 16-19, 2005), so please stop by and say hello. I’m guessing that based on the amount of material I have prepped, I might be going over a bit, so I may switch things up a little bit each day based on the first session.

I have somehow managed to miss out on the MAX conferences for the last couple years, so I am excited to finally make it out to one. I manage the Philadelphia Flash MMUG group so I’ll probablly be participating in the Macromedia User Group visibility bonanza as well. Looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces – be sure to say hello if you bump into me.

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Darron Schall has posted his presentation slide and example source files for his “From Flash to Flex” presentation that he gave earlier in the week at our August 30th Philadelphia Flash MMUG meeting. Many thanks to Darron for taking the train over to Philadelphia to speak to our members – it was a fantastic presentation. A perfect intro to Flex for Flash developers who havent had a chance to play with Flex or didn’t quite have a full grasp of what Flex is and how to work with it. Darron walked through the basics of Flex, and then went through a great series of analagous examples comparing methodologies in Flash and then in Flex. All of the attendees at the meeting were impressed with how often it took less coding and work in Flex to get the same results. Darron used Eclipse to demonstrate an alternative environment to Flex Builder which was extremely useful, especially for many Mac users and members interested in learning Flex, but who thought everything had to be server based.
I video taped Darrons presentation, but had a few little hiccups when one of my batteries ran out and towards the end, when I needed to change tapes – but I’m going to review the footage and see what I can do to get it cleaned up and encoded and put it online. I’ll post another update here and on the Philadelphia Flash MMUG site when I have it ready.
Thanks again to Darron for coming over and for putting together such a great presentation!

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