IFBIN Is Live – Great Software By Example – New Service for Flash and Flex Developers Launches

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Today marks the launch of a IFBIN – a new company led by Theodore E. Patrick – “Ted”. Many of you know Ted from PowerSDK and his blog where he has a ton of useful, informative posts and has done some really slick Central projects. IFBIN provides a unique service called FBE – Flash By Example, and Flex By Example, that integrate directly and securely into the Flash IDE and allows you to learn Flash from some of the best code and experts out there. You can browse through projects, examples, code, functions, classes and tutorials and instantly and securely download the source right to your workspace to dissect it and learn by example.

I am especially excited about the launch as I have contributed a couple of examples so far to the service, and hopefully they will be useful. The other contributors and authors who have provided content for the service, reads like a who’s who of Flash and ActionScript development, so I am excited to be a part of such a group of experts and such a useful service. The potential for its continued growth and usefulness is really limitless.

There is a beta preview for Windows users available for download now, and a Mac OS X version coming very soon.

There is some really great stuff available on there including some very useful frameworks and entire projects, ever wondered how Keith Peters of Bit-101 codes all his great experiments – well now you will have access to his entire library of files! Tons of great stuff like that. I know Ted will have more details about some of the other unique features and highlights about the service – so make sure you take a few minutes and check out www.IFBIN.com and Ted’s blog for more information.

I know other contributors to the service will be making some posts as well – so take the time and read as many of them as you can.

Bonus Trivia – what does IFBIN stand for? “The IF statement is one of the first learned in software development and we distribute binary (BIN) examples.” So there you have it. 🙂

UPDATE: 07/08/2005 08:00PM EST
Here are a couple more links and posts that went up today about the IFBIN launch:

Ted has taken the time to comment on some of the questions raised around the service including pricing, licensing, etc. Josh Dura raises some good points and questions – Ted relays some great info in the comments on this posting in particular. Until everything ramps up to speed – take a look at the comments on these postings for more info – good stuff.


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