Microsoft Introduces Windows Mobile 5.0 – Addition of Camera API Good for Flash Player?

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Bill Gates introduced Windows Mobile 5.0 today, and it looks interesting. (During development it was code named “Magneto”, which explains the image of Bill donning Magneto’s helmet in the photo that accompanies this entry) There are a lot of cool new features and interesting changes, but the one that really caught my eye was the addition of a standardized camera API. This single change should provide software developers the tools and hooks they need to add support to the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC to allow input from cameras. That was the one piece of key functionality missing from Flash Player 6 for PPC, in that it could receive incoming video and audio Flash Communications server streams, but it could only accept and pump out audio from the device itself since there was no standard way to interact with cameras. I’m hoping this exposes the right hooks for accepting video input from cameras and not just still frames. Looks promising though. It would make for some very compelling interactive tools using Flash Co

Check out this link,40001&/how_unified_is_windows_mobile_5.0?.htm for a good review and info on the unification of Pocket PC Platform and Windows Mobile (or lack thereof) and some extra good info by Peter Foot from Jason Dunns – also some good info down below in the comments.


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