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I’m waiting to digest all the bits of information that are coming out this morning, but here are my initial thoughts:
Long term, I feel this will be a good move – as, to me its clear that this was a strategic move on Adobes part to acquire Flash and the excellent development community and relations that Macromedia has fostered. On Macromedias part, I’m sure they were thinking complimentary – more money behind Flash and its push to be ubiquitous just makes sense. I am sure there will be some casualties when the dust settles when it comes to some of the other products – well have to wait and see how things pan out on this and other issues. More important to me are the people and the culture, and attitudes of all the wonderful and friendly people I have come to know and work with at Macromedia over the years. I havent had nearly as much of an opportunity to work with the people at Adobe, but I am looking forward to it. I do sincerely hope that all my friends at Macromedia will be taken care of properly and that they can survive the bumpiness as things move forward . Best of luck to everyone!
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