Using RDS – Radio Data System to Compliment Wireless FM iPod Accessories

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I was just writing up a long post about my personal iPod experience and had a great idea that I wanted to share with everyone. iPod accessory makers, feel free to write this all down and run with it. You can send me royalty checks down the road. 🙂
So here it is: Just about all car stereos nowadays can pickup and display a radio stations call letters and extra info using RDS (Radio Data System). Nice little article on RDS at and a much deeper article here. Essentially RDS transmits data simultaneously with a standard FM stereo (or monophonic) radio broadcast. Possible uses include transmitting song titles, station call signs, and signaling when traffic or weather reports are being broadcast. Does anyone else think that this is a perfect add on to all these FM wireless iPod transmitters? The current track, song info, etc, could then be constantly updated and sent via FM where the stereo display would then be able to show this extra info from my iPod. My stereo in my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer supports it, and it’s just the plain vanilla stock model. The iPod dock connector provides access to all this information, seems like it might be worthwhile to investigate, maybe the cost is too prohibitive and the market is too small? I don’t know – anyone else think its a good idea? Half baked? Already exist?
Well, I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Griffin, Monster, Belkin, and all you other iPod accessory makers of the world, I challenge you to take this idea now and go build it before Phillip Torrone builds it for the next issue of Make or just to kill some time one afternoon. 😉
NOTE: I’m putting together a proper review of Make for an upcoming entry.
UPDATE:After quick dig on google – sure enough, I’m late to the game with this idea. Adam Siegrist has an entry on his blog where he mentions this as in idea as well….at least he is in or near Philadelphia as he is attending Villanova – also found this entry from 2003 – yikes. Also managed to find an RDS broadcasting kit, so the foundation is laid and the challenge is still good.


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