Philadelphia Museum of Arts’ Salvador Dali Exhibit awarded Macromedia Site of the Day

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The Philadelphia Museum of Arts’ Salvador Dali Exhibit website was awarded the Macromedia Site of the Day for today February 25th, 2005. There are several reasons I am especially happy about this particular award:

  1. I love the Philadelphia Museum of Art – it’s an incredible museum, and one of the great things about living in Philadelphia. I live about 15 minutes from it, and work just down the street from it. On my first visit to Philadelphia, before moving here, my wife Melissa, then girlfriend took me there on one of our first dates.
  2. Salvador Dali is one of my all time favorite artists – pure genius. I have always loved his surrealist work. The exhibit itself is incredible.
  3. My friend Bill Ristine is the webmaster for the museum and design and coded up the site with his team (rock on Bill!)
  4. The site itself is fantastic and has some great examples of how Flash can be used to enhance the delivery and presentation of information. Make sure to check out the “Explore the Exhibition” section of the site to see some wonderful uses of audio voiceovers and images in Flash.
  5. Last but not least, you can run up and down the steps in front of the museum and pretend you are Sylvester Stallone in Rocky (Don’t forget to chug some raw eggs and head through the italian market section of South Philly before heading towards the museum steps)

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