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This past Sunday night on 60 Minutes, during Andy Rooney’s segment, he reviewed the free coin counting system used in Commerce Bank branches called the Penny Arcade. This is a project that I led the development effort on back in 2002 and 2003 for version 1.0 when I was at mCom Financial Solutions. Its been in the branches for a while now since the first one went in back in late 2002. It was nice to see the system get a thumbs up from Andy Rooney. Here is a link to a video of the segment.
The UI and interface are all presented in Flash via dual touchscreens – theres the Flash hook. Looks like mCom has put some more dollars and effort behind the concept to take it to the next level to offer and deliver a branded version for other banks. Looks like they have also deployed a version for Coastal Federal bank down in South Carolina. Its nice to see a project that I worked so hard on continue to gain steam and drive their bottom line. I’m glad the project continues to do well for them – great job guys – can’t wait to see where it ends up next and what new features you might have in store.

UPDATE 12/03/04:
Here is a video of the segment (available in Flash of course) – 320×240 – Duration 2:32

UPDATE 12/07/04:
I happened to be meeting with a client in the same building as mCom yesterday, so I stopped by and visited with them for a bit – it was nice to catch up with them and meet some of the new developers and designers they have on the team now. I got to see some of the other new stuff they have been working on lately and it all looks and works really well. If you are competing in the personalized ATM/bank/FI/multi-channel delivery services space/industry – you better watch out!

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I braved the cold weather tonight and snagged a copy of Halo 2 at midnight from the local EB Games store. I was #26 in line. Here are a couple snapshots I took with my Nokia 6600. I’m afraid I’m gonna get sucked in so badly – that I am afraid to pop the disc in my XBox – the hours will just tick away like mad….I’m already buried with work right now, and I have been following up on many cool items and nuggets of info coming out of MAX which have me very excited about the future of Flash. I should post up some of my thoughts soon – um, but it might have to wait a day or so now. 🙂

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