Heavy duty payphone-style "Pokia" handset

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You might have seen the Pokia site before that everyone was blogging about a month or so ago, the one that highlights crazy handsets for cell phones. I thought it was pretty darn funny, but I thought I could improve upon the idea by using a heavy-duty handset. Yes, that right, the images in this post are of a typical payphone style handset that I rigged up for my Nokia 6600. Yes, this has probably been the dumbest thing I have done or posted about in a while, but the looks I got from my wife while soldering it up were classic. Of all the crazy computer related stuff I have done, for whatever reason this one made my wife laugh the most. The only thing sillier than actually making or using this thing in public, is asking your wife to photograph you using it so you can post the resulting photos on your website. I actually made it several weeks ago, but didn’t have the courage to ask her to snap a shot of me until tonight after a beer or two. So, there you have it. Enjoy!

Alright, so it does look like somebody beat me to it and has already made and placed a couple variations of this theme on ebay – check it out here and here. I really enjoyed the claim on one of site auctions that casually mentions, “It’s so strong that you can use it in self defense.” They are right, you could probably do some serious damage with one of these things if you could get it whipping around fast enough.

UPDATE: This site has some nice models available including heavy duty payphone style models. My personal favorite – A bluetooth Pokia instructional article.


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