Rockin’ Red Flash MX 2004 Messenger Bag

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Thanks to Mike Chambers and the rest of generous folks at Macromedia on the Flash Team for the very cool package that FedEx dropped off today. I took a quick snapshot of the contents with my Nokia 6600. Here is a quick breakdown of the goodies:

  • The Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger Bag with the Macromedia Flash MX 2004 logo embroidered on it is sweet! I have already emptied out my old-not-hip-at-all-businessman-standard-issue-Samsonite laptop bag and got it ready for holding old cables and small gadgets laying around my office, as this new bag is taking over daily duties. A very cool gift indeed!
  • Two boxes of the inaugural series of Flash MX 2004 Collectible Cards – series 01 Components. I opened them up and besides being quite instructional, they smell great! I used to do a ton of pre-press work, and I still have an afinnity for the smell of a nice, heavy stock with a fresh coating of ink, like it just came off the Heidelberg. Sniff, sniff – ahhh…
  • A cool booklet about web based video and Flash – I swear I saw an online version of this at one point with that cool page-turn effect that Natzke originally came up with – but I can’t find the link anywhere.
  • A very cool t-shirt with the Flash logo on the back and the word “TWEENER” on the front with a tween arrow on the front. This t-shirt compliments the gotoAndPlay t-shirt that Macromedia gave out to all attendees at FlashForward 2004 in NY earlier this year.
  • Finally, a nice printed article about the significance of the Ellipsis – Flash MX 2004 7.2 update – that came out earlier this year.
  • So, thanks again to Mike and the rest of the team – you rock!


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