Macromedia Central 1.5 Hits the Street

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Tonight Macromedia has unleashed Central 1.5 on all of us Flash developers. This release has some really compelling new features such as: file IO on local system, remote file upload and download, AOL IM framework integration, AS 2.0, Flash 7 Player integration. Best of all brand new licensing models that are much more attractive and flexible. I already have some ideas for clients that previously I didn’t even consider because of the initial licensing, now they are all going right into the proposals. Christian Cantrell has a great summary article up in the DevNet about what Central 1.5 is, what it means, and why you should care. In addition, the Central DevNet area has several other good articles up that you should take a look at.
So what are you waiting for, head on over and grab the latest Central Client and also check out the Central SDK, and the AOL IM SDK both available for download now. Did I mention there is some really tight integration into the Flash MX 2004 IDE now? Some cool wizards make the process of starting a project, developing it and deploying it much simpler than before, so make sure you have updated to 7.2 Ellipsis. Very cool indeed. I’m sure I’ll have more posts about Central 1.5 over the coming weeks. One last thing, make sure to check out Ted Patrick’s cool article deconstructing some of the new feartures like the FileReference class in Central 1.5, which he used for his Icon Builder Central 1.5 apps.


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