Unique project with Flash UI demonstrated on The Jane Pauley Show September 9th

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Cool news: on Thursday, September 9th, the Jane Pauley Show on NBC will be demonstrating a project that features a Flash based user interface that I worked on, to control a very unique device. The demonstration is of an Intellifit system – which I posted about previously in late 2003 and more recently here. The system is one of several highlighted pieces of advanced technology and gadgets on Jane’s episode airing this Thursday, entitled: Fall Into the Future. You can actually see a very quick video blip of one of the Flash based touchscreens UI’s and the device itself in action, in the current quicktime promo video on her website for Thursdays show. (The screen and device are quickly shown in the bumper right after Jane says, “Todays show is about new stuff.” – If you blink youll miss it.)

I am looking forward to seeing the whole episode and other gadgets shown. If you are able to tune in – get those TIVOS ready – watch closely and you just might see an MX 2004 datagrid, and other standard Halo skinned components in action if they demonstrate some of the admin features of the touchscreen interface. Actually, this is not the first time that this project and the good old datagrid component have been featured on on the boob tube – if you watch this video from an ABC News affiliate in Memphis, TN from a few months back – you can also catch a few glimpses of the system in action, including the interface, with a brief shot or two of our good friend the datagrid.


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