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I received some very cool news last night at the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia 2004 Creative Annual, 4 of our client projects won awards. We received two Gold awards and two Bronze awards. One each in the Websites and Interactive CD-Rom and Kiosks categories. All four of the pieces we received awards for revolve around interactive Flash work. We put up a press release with more info and some details about each award and the pieces that won. Read more about it here. And if your interested in coming out to the meetings of the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia, make sure to visit their site for more information, they have great events and speakers. The Art Directors Club of Philadelphia was founded in 1924 and is one of the oldest organizations of its kind.

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I meant to post this up the other day, but we put up a Press Release regarding a project for one of our clients: Intellifit, where we utilized Flash in concert with some other very cool technologies and internal tools we have developed. I put up a previous post about this project a little bit ago and wanted to post and update. We recently wrapped up a phase of development that proved very successful for them at a recent event where they demonstrated their body scanning technology by scanning thousands of women and accurately providing body measurements. Its quite something to see in person, especially the speed at which the scan is accomplished and the fact that you dont have to disrobe or wear special clothing like laser based systems. Seeing your measurements print out (over 36 different measurement points) along with custom clothing recommendations and a full 3D model of your body calculated out in about 15 seconds is really quite impressive. Its definitely been one of the most interesting and unique projects I have worked on.
In regards to development and our role in the project, what we have done for them is to provide a user friendly interface and control layer to their underlying proprietary body scanning hardware and software. From a 30,000 foot perspective we talk to their C applications via a custom COM object to allow a custom wrapper application, or what we and other kiosk software vendors call an OSS or “Operating System Supplement” that in turn provides a low level communications layer between all the individual hardware and software pieces. Inside the OSS application, sits the custom Flash application and user interface that allows an operator and administrators to control all the functions and operations of the machine, scanning, printing, file operations, etc., without having to be an engineer or programmer. With our custom wrapper and OSS we have extended the power and features of Flash beyond those of what it is normally capable of doing and by utilizing Flash we have been able to do some really rapid development.
I have worked on plenty of projects where we have utilized Flash as a front end to some very unique hardware/software projects. Prior to this it was: interactive kiosks, wireless devices and PDA’s, ATM machines, and custom high speed coin counters. Now a one of a kind high speed radar body scanner. What kind of interesting projects are you integrating Flash into?

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I was taking a look at the full resolution 110 megabyte TIFF file that was made available yesterday of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image (HUDF) and all the various press images and slide shows floating around the web on all the news sites. To me, none of them seemed to be able to present the images in a really compelling fashion that conveyed the scope of the image or allowed inspection of the detail to any great extent other than downloading the full resolution image and popping it into some image editor. So, since Zoomify was nice enough to send me and the rest of the members of the Philadelphia Flash MMUG a free copy of Zoomifyer for Flash 3.0 back during the Holidays of 2003, I decided to give it a whirl with the Hubble HUDF image.

This is the first time I really had a good project for the application rather than just fiddling around with it, and let me say, that its really easy to use, and very deep in its built in controls. The components that it ships with make it very easy to quickly put something together without ever leaving Flash thanks to its tight integration into the Flash IDE. So, here are the results of about 15 minutes of my time. It took longer to download the original high resolution image from the Hubble site, than it did to put this together. I am now thinking about other ways I could use Zoomify in some of my projects. It’s a perfect companion to Flash for this type of work. Sweet!

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