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Starting this April, fellow Philadelphian, Jonathan Kaye, PhD, and author of the definitive book on interactive device simulation utilizing Flash – FlashSim – is teaching a class at Drexel University’s Goodwin College.
“UGSD 380 Section 703: Building Simulations in Flash”
April 1st, 2004 – June 10th, 2004
The class will meet Thursday nights from 6:00PM – 8:50PM
Location: Drexel’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies (31st and Market).
A complete class description is available at

I have had the pleasure of attending several of Jonathans local speaking engagements and his presentations are always top-notch, with excellent preparation, materials and examples. If you are interested in the topic in even the slightest, I highly encourage you to get more information by swining over to Jonathans site. His Flash work in the area of device simulation and component based development is fantastic.

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Just a heads up that next Wednesday, the 25th will be a special event for our two local groups, Philadelphia Flash MMUG and Philadelphia ColdFusion User Group Stephen Rittler from the ColdFusion Group and President of the Philly Developers Network has organized this event to allow some cross exposure of our two groups. There will probably be more of these cross-pollination events as things move forward. Visit the Events section of the Philadelphia Flash MMUG site for more information, date, time, etc.
For the local Philadelphia Flash community I have also put up a new Flash based discussion forum on the Flash MMUG site. Its based on Steven Websters excellent work on his Flash, PHP and MySQL based board from his PHP for Flash and Advanced PHP for Flash books for Friends of Ed. Thanks Steven!

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Wow, when it rains it pours, more cool news! We just found out that another Flash site our team created for one of our clients and partners Philadelphia photographer, Zave Smith, was selected as one of the top 50 sites in the 2003 SOTY Site Review. We put up a small news item with more info if anyone is interested. Also put up a link to our news section with a few more news blurbs, including more info about the awards we won for the African American Museum in Philadelphia site that I mentioned in an earlier post today.

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I hadn’t gotten a chance to post this up yet thanks to my schedule and bad eyes (glaucoma has been acting up recently) but I received the coolest package from Mike Chambers and the Macromedia Central Team a little bit ago. Two very cool roadmap posters, showing the API and reference info for developing and working with Central. A complete printed version of the SDK and white papers for Central, a very cool Central t-shirt, and to top it off a tiny 32MB Flash based keychain drive with all the Central SDK and other info on it. Sweet!

I have been dabbling with Central for a while and discussed it with the members of our local Macromedia Flash User Group during our meeting in Decemebr of this past year. Recently I have gotten a few more potential opportunities for creating some Central applications, as I move forward with a few of them, I’ll post of some of the stuff I have been picking up along the way. Kep an eye out here for more soon.

Thanks Mike and the rest of the Central Team! You guys rock!

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I found out this morning that a Flash site which I had a small hand in developing, has made it to the finalists in the technical merit category of the Flash Forward 2004 San Francisco Film Festival. The site is Gravica Design a personal portfolio site for one of the other Principals and our main graphic designer, Mike McDonald, at our firm Talisman Interactive. A good deal of the award winning work in the portfolio on Mike’s site is work that was done by our current team of Principals at Talisman Interactive, it also encompasses some work done by our current team back in the Axiom Studio days.

I also just found out that a huge project that we did for the Fairmount Waterworks Interpretive Center here in Philadelphia directly next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been selected to receive the Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin’s, Government Award. We produced a 16 minute film as well as 7 distinct interactive exhibitsfor the center. All of them utilizing and interfacing with Flash in very unique ways. Just this past Sunday, the Waterworks was featured on Eye on Philadelphia with Beverly Williams. Here is a Windows Media video stream of the show if your interested. It doesn’t really get into discussing or displaying the kiosk/interactive exhibits we created, but it does show portions of the film that we produced. I have been busy working on the new version of their website to showcase some of the new content and the opening of the FWWIC, its currently a work in progress but coming along nicely.

We also recently launched a pretty cool Flash site for the African American Museum in Philadelphia I like this site because its all XML driven, so its easy to maintain and update for the client. If you are ever in downtown (Center City) Philadelphia, swing by the museum as they have a ton of interesting exhibits and artwork.

I have been unbelievably busy since the holidays with all this work, wedding plans, and dealing with my bad eyes – I have glaucoma and its gotten worse recently, (can you say laser surgery?), so I haven’t had much time to post up any entries here or for that matter even follow any other blogs, so I’m going to try and get back in the swing of things this week, with this first post. I’ll see what I can do to keep up with things a little better in 2004.

One final note, the weather didn’t want to play nice with us near the end of January (read: lots of snow and ice ans sub freezing temperatures) so we didn’t get to have the January Philadelphia Flash MMUG social meeting. I am in the process of rescheduling it for sometime in the next two weeks. I’ll post the specifics on the MMUG site later this week.

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