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Online Shopping For the Holidays Via Amazon Web Services API

As usual I am trying to order as many holiday gifts as I can using the web. I am also taking advantage of the many sites that are offering free shipping like Amazon [1]. In order to facilitate my online shopping experience I went ahead and fleshed out my Amazon affiliate store [2]. Previously, I only integrated enough of the Amazon Web Services API [3] to provide a means for visitors to my site to browse books [4] I had contributed to or had a hand in. As of tonight I put up a few more browseable and searchable categories of products: DVD’s [5], music [6], software [7], electronics [8], computers [9], cameras [10], and video games [11]. I had been wanting to add these additional categories since I implemented the AWS API on my site but just didn’t have the time till tonight when I decided it would useful for the holidays and went ahead and fleshed it out. Right now I am only using keyword searches and pre-defined popular categories, not quite as robust as I want or really taking advantage of some of the more advanced AWS API queries but it will do for now. For the curious folks, I wrote everything in PHP against the extremely useful nuSOAP PHP class [12] which I am also using for some remoting work in PHP. Let me know if you notice any bugs or glitches in browsing.