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My good friend Bill Ristine recently decided to step down as manager of the local Philadelphia Flash MMUG and he asked me to take the reigns. I accepted and as of 11am today I am now the new official manager. 🙂 I owe many thanks to Bill and his cousin J. Marziani, for all the hard work they put into making the group successful over the past few years. I have made quite a few good friends, Bill and J included, just from attending the meetings and doing a presentation last year for the members.

I hope to be able to continue to make things fun, friendly and casual like Bill and J had kept things. I have a lot of good ideas for keeping things going and hopefully putting my own unique twist and ideas on things. I’ll be posting more here and on the MMUG site as things evolve.

Bill and I spent last night getting the majority of the website for the group transitioned over to my server and prepping things. There are still a few little loose ends here and there that I need to tidy up for it to be completely functional (comments in the news and archives are disable temporarily) so if you notice anything drop me a line. The DNS changes are still propagating, so if you don’t see the major announcement message from Bill and I at the bottom of the page in the news section, check back again later today after the DNS start of authority has had time to trickle out to the rest of the net.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, make sure to check out the site or contact me with any suggestions or questions you might have.

Some of you may still be wondering about when I am going to post about the new job I have taken on since leaving my last job and if the MMUG stuff ties in or not. I know I have been promising to post more information for several weeks now, well I will finally be posting information this week, if not later tonight…so hangin there! At least you know what I have been partially up to. 🙂

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