PHP Script to Ping Macromedia MXNA Blog Aggregator

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I wanted to automatically ping the Macromedia MXNA blog aggregator whenever I update my blog entries so I hacked together this little PHP script tonight. You can either include it in your own PHP file and then evaluate the boolean variable $mxna_ping for true or false (true being a good ping, false being a bad ping.) or you can call it directly and add ?readable=true and you’ll see a human readable output. If you also pass debug=true you will see the full result passed back from the mxna server, with some line numbering I added on for debugging purposes. Make sure to read the comments and edit the $ping_id value to reflect your assigned ping ID that you received from the MXNA site otherwise it wont work. The source is commented so dig in.Props to Mike Chambers and Christian Cantrell for their help in my debugging. 🙂


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