Zend Studio 2.62 – A PHP Development Environment IDE for Mac OS X

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I do a lot of work with PHP to drive Flash MX content and normally I do all my PHP editing with BBEDIT on my Mac, or using emacs or pico in an ssh terminal session. So I spend a lot of time debugging and viewing things in a browser till I get all the kinks worked out. Well I just downloaded and tried out the evaluation version of Zend’s PHP Studio 2.6.2 for Mac OS X and I am blown away with how well it works. Real breakpoints, watching code being generated, project viewer, manager, remote debugging, PHP function list, syntax, etc., tons of very cool features for working with PHP. I am so glad this thing is availble for Mac OS X now. I would whip out my wallet right now and purchase a full copy, but I actually found out about it because I was going to Zends site to buy a copy of thier Zend Encoder for protecting and ecnrypting your PHP files so you can distribute them to clients. It has a side benefit of increasing the speed at which they are executed once compiled. There is a free plugin for Apache called the Zend Optimizer which works with PHP to allow the encoded content to be executed on your clients, or your web server. I’ll have to post up a review on it after I am finished with the project I am purchasing the Zend Encoder for, but do yourself a favor and check out the Zend Studio if you do any sort of PHP development work.


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