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Things have been extremely busy for me lately, as a result I haven’t had time to post with much regularity recently. So this post will serve as a quick summary/rundown on the most interesting recent events and items.

  • On June 7th, I participated in and gave a presentation at the Art Institute of Philadelphia for students and folks involved in the Art Institutes MultiMedia Club. View the flyer/poster here. This was a really cool event, an all day Flash and design related seminar geared towards the AI students to help them utilize their skills and interests in the marketplace once they graduate. There were some really good presentations by Johnathan Kaye, Saul Rosenbaum, Dave Metcalf, and Todd Coulson. (Sorry Dave couldnt find your URL-Write me!) All great guys from the Philadelphia area who I have met recently from local meetings and user group events. Thanks to Anthony Profeta for the invitation to speak. I met Anthony last year at the Pocket PC Summit in Philadelphia when he won a free copy of Flash Enabled during Phillip Torrones presentation. I’ll certainly be up for doing this again, it was a lot of fun and a good turnout. I also still need to post a review of Johnthan Kayes book which he graciously provide me a copy of at the last MMUG meeting where he presented, so expect more about this soon.
  • Yesterday, I attended a venture capital conference in Wilmington, Delware called Early Stage East to help pitch a company I work with mCom Financial Solutions and was the Chief Software Architect. We were there exhibiting and meeting VC’s and investors. It was quite interesting to see all the various companies and the ideas out there looking for funding, and also to see the interest in VC’s and other investor types picking up steam. I think its a really great thing to see successes and interest come out of these events, as they are really what drives the economy. Senator Tom Carper was there for the kickoff breakfast and gave some fascinating insight into how the success of new businesses and entrepeneurs really helps the entire economy by creating jobs and opportunities. I was impressed with many of the exhibitors and speakers there, but of course I was mostly concerned with making sure mCom looked good.
  • Been trying to find time to finish up half a dozen or so pet projects, Text to speech, currency stuff, etc. working on some articles and papers for publications to come out soon. 🙂 I am also working to try and put some things together with Laszlo so I can post up a review of my experiences with their software and technology. I had written up a blog entry about what I envisioned or hoped Macromedias Royale might turn out to be, and some interesting comments and info have been posted there by some folks from Laszlo and others in the community, including Marc Canter. The comments have some good meat to them and Laszlos demos are really promising.
  • Flash Player for Sony Ericsson P800 phone. I found out about it from a post by Ian Chia on Flash: The Future’s blog which I am going to have to check out for sure. The Flash Lite or Flash for NTT DoCoMo stuff is really interesting, mobile stuff is a great direction for Flash to head in. Having a player for the Sony Ericcson is j ust another step forward and a new market for us developers. I just wish some of the devices and stuff that Japan and other markets in Asia have, which are way ahead of us in the states, would trickle in a little faster for us.
  • Been looking for places to have a wedding and deciding a million things related to that. Too much to do in this area…I think its time to elope! My fiancees aunt has organzied an engagement party for us and my folks and brother are flying up to Philly to attend, this is the first time the two families have really met..should be quite fun. 🙂
  • Apple’s WWDC 2003 is coming soon and Panther is being introduced. If the perfomance and stability gains are anything like what we saw when OS X went to Jaguar we are in for a real treat. I’m also excited about any new hardware and plans that might come out of this event. Theres also the support for 3GPP in Quicktime 6.3 which has a whole track devoted to it at the WWDC. Im interested to see how Flash Lite for DoCoMo and support for 3GPP overlap or compliment each other.
  • Macworld Expo is coming up July 14th-18th in New York, which I am going to try and hit…but before that…
  • FlashForward 2003 in New York will be just a few days prior from July 9th-11th. These are always a blast. I might not be attending for the entire duration, but I will be there at the very least for the Author Book signing/meet and greet at 5pm in the New Yorker hotel on the first day of FlashForward (Wednesday the 9th). New Riders a great publisher is sponsoring and putting this on like they do ever year. Free beer and food and snacks and you get to meet authors and chat and get books signed. Its a nice way to end the first day of the show. I’m looking forward to chatting and seeing folks I haven’t seen since last year, and to meet new folks.
  • More posts to come as time permits…


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