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First off, if you see this, make sure you stay all the way through the credits to the very end to see the two minute trailer for The Matrix Revolutions coming in November, you don’t want to miss it!
Ok, I have been really stressed out lately doing a lot of running around and finishing up projects, not to mention getting engaged and all the little things that go along with that, so I was really excited to see The Matrix Reloaded last night as it gave me a couple hours to escape from everything, be entertained and relax a little.The theatre and the parking lot where I went was packed more than I had ever seen it before for any movie opening. It was even odder since it was the middle of the week and a lunar eclipse was going on, so it was quite surreal. I had ordered tickets through and was able to get tickets no problem. We got to the theatre about an hour early since you still have to wait in line to show your credit card you used to purchase the tickets, it just guarantees it wont be sold out. Even though we were an hour early they were already letting people into the theatre for seats. We darted for the theate and it was already starting to get packed, but I still managed to get the sweet spot, dead center middle of the stadium seeting, for maximum viewing and surround sound seperation. 🙂 I love going to the theatre when everyone there is pumped up and excited about seeing the movie. There was a guy in the row in front of me with a new GameBoy Advanced and it looked pretty cool, think he was playing Zelda or something. I never have time for games, but it looked pretty darn cool, and would have been fun to check out while we were waiting.
We sat there and people watched and joked about the useless movie trivia and facts, and then finally some pretty cool trailers started playing: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Terminator 3 (which until I saw this new trailer I thought it was going to completely suck, not anymore), although I didn’t see the Freddy vs. Jason trailer, which sounds and looks hilarious to me. They also didn’t play the latest Hulk trailer which was dissapointing. (If you haven’t seen that yet, you must go download it now! Thats one I am really looking forward to.) Finally the movie was just starting, the reel had just spooled up and was just about to kick in, when the projector burned a whole right through it and it made that ppphhhttttt-brp-brp-brp-brp sound and sight we have all seen. It was such a cool sound and what a classic moment to have the film break, right before it started. Everyone in the theatre started laughing, it was so funny because everyone was so excited to see the film they didn’t care, it just gave us all one more chance at using the bathroom before it started up again. We turned around to see nobody in the projection booth, and the film spooling out uncontrollably all over the place behind the little glass window. It took them about 15 minutes to respool the film and getting it going again. Everyone cheered and clapped as it began to play including myself and my fiance – Ha! First time I got to use that word on my blog. 🙂
I’m not going to offer any review of the movie other than to say I was not dissapointed, I completely enjoyed it and plan on seeing it again as soon as I get a chance. I can’t wait for Revolutions in November. Those two minutes during the trailer at the end of the credits look amazing. I felt bad for all the people that left as soon as the credits started rolling. There was only about 10 other couples and assorted folks who seemed to know about the trailer at the end like me.
The other cool part about the film breaking was that the theatre gave us all free movie passes as we left, they even waited around for us folks who stayed all the way through the credits. So I actually got to see it for free. Very cool indeed.


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