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Philadelphia Flash MMUG and Todd Coulson

It was my birthday on the April 22nd, and before I hit the town with my girlfriend to celebrate, I stopped in downtown Philly and attended the most recent gathering of the Philadelphia Flash MMUG [1], whose website recently underwent a major overhaul. Todd Coulson a contributing author to the Friends of Ed (RIP) book Flash MX Components Most Wanted [2] and Sams Flash MX Unleashed [3], stopped by and gave a good presentation on debugging concepts when working with Flash MX. With the complexity and power increasing with each release of Flash, its always great to hear new ideas and methods for debugging code and projects. During Todd’s presentation he also gave a demonstation showing how to use the remote debugging features that the Flash MX environement is capable of. Just the thing for figuring out how your client is breaking your application you just delivered. I am already looking forward to next months presentation by Johnathan Kaye [4], co-author of Flash MX for Interactive Simulation [5]. It looks like it contains some really interesting applications and usage for Flash MX along with a unique perspective. If you are located in the Philadelpha area, stop by the Philadelphia Flash MMUG site [1] and sign up to become a member and check out the latest events schedule [6] so you can stop by the next meeting.