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Macromedia DRK 3 Kit Announced

It was all over the place today: Macromedia has announced the DRK 3 or Developer Resource Kit 3 [1]. It has a ton of cool looking content. As a matter of fact there is so much included on this one, I think Ill just point folks to this cool presentation [2] done in Macromedia Breeze [3]. Spekaing of Breeze, I keep seeing more and more of its use on Macromedias site, and its always very polished looking presentations. Im going to have to dig in and read up a bit more about it. you also might want to check out Mike Chambers blog [4] where he has more info about the DRK 3, in addition Greg Burch [5] has posted a lot of info abouit DRK 3. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of those components! The RSS apps and aggregator stuff looks very useful, I could put some of that stuff to immediate use. Im not a big user of Director, but the inclusion of a Flash MX and Director MX Integration Kit might get me thinking in a new direction.