JRun and ColdFusion MX for Mac OS X

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Some more exciting news out of MacWorld and Macromedia is that starting today, JRun 4 and the J2EE version of ColdFusion MX are available for Mac OS X. Being able to do my development for ColdFusion MX on my OS X boxes makes me very happy indeed. I spent the last few hours downloading and instaling things and it went pretty smoothly. One thing I had with my config is that I needed to modify the permissions of my httpd.conf for Apache to allow the JRun wsconfig app to modify it and do its thing for setting up the bridge between Apache and JRun since I want to use them together on my development box. I havent had much time to test things out other than get it installed and working, but its very promising. I have an OS X 10.2 server I want to put this on and put it through its paces with some ColdFusion based sites I have developed. I am curious to see how it performs with MySQL on OS X as compared to a Win2000 box wth MS SQL server that I used to do most of my ColdFusion work on. I have high hopes of ditching that completely now that I can run this on all my Macs. Thank you Macromedia!


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