Apples New Safari Browser Supports Flash

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I am posting this entry using Apples newly announced Safari browser and yes it it VERY FAST and of course it supports the latest Macromedia Flash Player Plugin, which is great news. It also allows blocking popup windows, is standards based, scriptable, and open source. Lots of very nice features wrapped into it, but did I mention that its fast? I mean really fast. Lots of other cool announcements from Apple during Steve Jobs keynote, like new laptops with bluetooth and 54MB 802.11g wireless, etc., but this new browser is one that will affect us all. Luckily it looks like it does a very good job of supporting standards from the sites I have browsed to. Great job Apple!
UPDATE: I have had a chance now to play around more with Flash content, and the framerate/playback speed of .swf files is unfortunately much slower than IE, Netscape or Mozilla. HTML rendering is still very fast on the two machines I have tried it on, a 450mz G4 and dual 500mhz G4, just Flash playback is slow. Hopefully this issue will be worked out by both Apple and Macromedia during this beta period.


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