Flash and ATM Machines Part III – Photos

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I finally had some time to post some photos of the Flash based ATM’s I developed and mentioned recently. The photos don’t really do them justice, you really need to see them in action to fully appreciate them. However, If you happen to be in Philadelphia, PA, tomorrow (Thursday, December 19th) Then please shoot me an email as we are having our annual Christmas party and I would be more than happy to let interested parties stop by and play with one during the party.

Here are a few more details about the Flash based ATMs:

1) The entire user experience is deliever and interacted with in Flash
2) Custom application wrapper used to enable low level communications with OS, and ATM hardware from Flash player
3) Full ADA compliance with text-to-speech output
4) TripleDES PIN entry
5) Utilizes video features of Flash MX for 1:1 marketing message and movie ticket purchasing
6) Preference based experience that learns and remembers how you use the ATM and can be remotely customized
7) Completely customizeable and skinnable interface to extend the branding of the financial institution deploying the ATM
8) Records and delivers all CRM data about customer use to target and measuer marketing campaigns
9) Integrates with online banking solution
10) It just plain kicks ass. 🙂

You will notice in one of the photos a Fujitsu Windows CE based tablet running the portion of the app that allows a user to customize their experience at the ATM from remote.


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