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Flash and ATM Machines Part II

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Some of you may remember my post about Flash and ATM Machines from back in June. Well, I can’t speak about details until this coming Wednesday when the official press release goes out, but if you happen to be in Atlanta, GA this coming week, make sure to stop by the BAI Retail Delivery Conference and Expo 2002 and visit booth #1333 (Fujitsus giant area). I’ll be there along with all the fine Fujitsu folks and other employees from my company, mCom LLC. We will be demonstrating and answering questions about some very unique software we developed, running on Fujitsu ATM machines, and yes, Flash is involved. Here is a teaser with this press release which contains more info. I’ll post more details and info on Wednesday when the legal hounds are at bay. Until then here’s some Interesting trivia: At over 1,100 pounds in weight (not including cash) these will be the heaviest Flash Enabled devices yet. 🙂 This is why I was not at DevCon or the SpeechTek conference this past week.

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