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Philadelphia Flash MMUG and Branden Hall = Fun

This past Tuesday, Branden Hall [1], author of the new book “Object Oriented Programming with ActionScript” [2] took several hours off from starting a new studio with Joshua Davis [3] and hopped a train from DC to Philadelphia. Why you ask? So he could speak at the monthly meeting of the Philadelphia Flash MMUG [4] on topics covered in his new book. It was a great chance to listen to Branden speak in a smaller venue and to hang with him afterwords in a casual setting. Special thanks to Bill and J of SubcultureAlliance [5] for masterminding the event and organizing the PFMMUG [4] and to the University of the Arts of Philadelphia [6] for their facilities. I put together a small review and slideshow of a few photos from the meeting here. [7] I used the very cool slideshow component by Darshan Sawardekar [8] to put it together. Its quite useful. My implementation is a bit slow as I resisted the urge to downsample the photos past 800×600, slow CPU’s beware.