Update on Text To Speech Solution

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Updates have been sparse lately as I have been catching up from traveling, emails and also working with my very good friend Scott Baust on an exciting project. Scott and I have been working on refining and preparing the dynamic Text To Speech to Flash software I originally worked on with Mike Chambers, so that we can offer it to the public. We hope to have some announcements very soon including a FAQ, pricing, and how you can implement this soluton on your site, etc. In the meantime, take a look at what Scott has implemented into his html based site (LinuxDig.com) where the entries from his blog can also be read back to you dynamically. Currently they are served back simply as MP3’s since his sites focus is not specifically about Flash. We also wanted to offer a solution that can serve Flash and HTML users/developers in the broadest possible manner. Part of the new solution is a very fast caching mechanism. Now as long as any request has been made at least once, it will then be served up almost instantaneously on repeat requests. We are working to line things up so that we can offer this as a service and not just software for those of you who would prefer not to get your hand dirty with code. Stay tuned for more information.


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