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The Tip of the Flash MX Iceberg

Happy to announce that an article of mine was published today by InformIT (http://www.informit.com/) [1] entitled The Tip of the Flash MX Iceberg [2] which covers how to integrate a webcam feed into your Flash site. The article actually needs some updating as I wrote it about a month or two ago, and at the time their was no public announcement about the Flash Communication Server MX which I alluded to in the article. It was actually finally announced and released last week during FlashForward, so expect an addendum or follow up article to cover that in more depth in the next update. I wish I could have covered it in the original article, but thats how these things work sometimes with release dates and publishing deadlines. One thing to note, the great example of the power of the Flash Communication Server MX, is the Dream Domain by Randommeda [3] that I reference in the article, well they actually won the Technical Merit category, congratulations! Lots of things can happen in a few weeks time. Let me know what you think about the article and if it’s helpful, or anything you might like to see covered in the follow up.