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If you were at FlashForward you might have seen the limited edtion stickers and posters I put together of all the authors of Flash Enabled and even a few devices. We handed them out at the New Riders authors book signing. They ended up all over the place and throughout New York. The sticker concept is based on Shepard Fairey’s infamous Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker social phenomenon experiment which is described and explained on his site and in his manifesto available at OBEYGIANT. Shepard has been doing some really great stuff for some time now and I am a big fan. I still have my frst Andre sticker I found and peeled off a pole in Miami, Florida back around 1990. I have seen them across the country in every city I have ever visited. I also have a weird Kevin Baconish relation to Andre, my grandfather built part of his house near Rockingham, North Carolina many years before his death. Anyway, I thought by turning the phenomenon back around on itself it would be interesting, so props to Shepard Fairey are in full effect. If you weren’t at the conference, check the stickers out here. Warning, its a 620k .swf file, but that is so you can feel free to right click and zoom in to print out your own high quality copies of your favorite author. In fact, Phillip Torrone (#12 if your collecting) is running a contest where he is giving away an HP Pocket PC if you print them out and do something crazy with them. Take a look at http://www.flashenabled.com/ for more info on this wacky contest.


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